TIBCO iProcess Modeler

   TIBCO iProcess Modeler has one main objective and that is to make the analysis and certification of business processes as simple and instinctive as possible. It is aimed at a non-technical audience and gives you a visual representation of your business process that is easy to follow and that can be enhanced or amend at any time. TIBCO iProcess Modeler builds on the known flowchart symbol to show in an unambiguous manner, the flow of work for a particular business process. The rules that you define graphically are stored by the iProcess Engine node and can then be deployed across a wide ranging hardware planning.

   TIBCO iProcess Modeler is mechanically started by TIBCO iProcess Workspace (Windows) when you want to create or edit actions. From TIBCO iProcess Modeler you can access Step Definer, which enables you to design the forms for each step in your procedure. The forms are the part of the step seen by the person who receives the work item in their queue. The forms contain text and fields into which users can enter in order for a particular case, or instance, of a procedure. Fields can also show information already provided or can hold information calculated by the procedure.
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