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TIBCO Iprocess Course Overview:

TIBCO IProcess Suite is a set of software that enables consultants and developers to model, simulate, execute and monitor business processes.
TIBCO IProcess is a complete suite of products for Business Process Modeling and Execution. It is made up of the following components: Server Engine: business process automation engine and workflow server, it is where the BPM activities are executed.

TIBCO Iprocess Course Content:

1.)Introduction to Integration
  • Introduction to BPM
  • TIBCO Iprocess Suite Overview
  • Process Management Engine
  • Iprocess Clients
  • Objects Server and Objects Director
2.)Pre-Installation Steps
  • Installation of Iprocess
  • LAB1 Pre-Installation Tasks, Installation of Iprocess Engine
  • Advanced Architecture
  • Foreground Processes
  • MBOX sets
  • Background Processes
  • LAB2 Installation of Iprocess Modeler, Verify the Process Sentinels
3.)Administering Users
  • User Manager
  • Users, User Types
  • Groups, Roles, Supervisors
  • Attributes
  • Move System Information
  • LAB3 Administer Iprocess Engine Users
4.)System Utilities
  • Processing Work items
  • Investigate how work items appear in queues
  • Benefits of message queuing
  • LAB5 Shutting down and starting up a BG process sentinel
6.)Performance & Tuning
  • Investigate performance options
  • Identify bottlenecks/performance issues
  • General Error Handling
  • LAB6 Manage IProcess Engine performance
  • Increase the number of WIS processes using the swadm utility
  • Configure the number of Background processes using the swadm utility
  • Troubleshooting
  • Usage of sw_eror and sw_warn files
  • LAB7 Troubleshot he Background processes
  • Activate the generation of debug information in IProcess Engine Logs
7.)TIBCO Iprocess Objects
  • IProcess Objects Architecture
  • Installation
  • IProcess Objects Server
  • LAB8 Configure IProcess Objects Server
  • Configure IProcess Objects Server
  • Test IProcess Object Server Configuration
8.)TIBCO IProcess Server Manager
  • Hawk Architecture
  • Iprocess Server manager capabilities, configuration, process control, process view
  • LAB9 Monitor the processes using Iprocess Server Manager
  • Usage of iPE LDAP Client
  • Overview of UVAPI
10.)Node Clustering
  • Node and Node Cluster
  • Master and slave responsibilities
  • LAB10 Create an iPE Node Cluster   
11.)Activity Monitoring
  • Implementation Overview
  • Setting IAP JMS Topics

 LAB 1 Configure iPE for Activity Monitoring
 Best Practices

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