TIBCO iProcess Technology Plug-ins

The TIBCO iProcess Technology Plug-ins is a box up that includes a number of individual products. These products have been grouped together to ease their installation. The TIBCO iProcess Technology Plug-ins include the following individual
iProcess Plug-ins

• TIBCO iProcess Java Server Plug-in - This plug-in enable the iProcess Engine to process EAI Java steps that have been additional to the iProcess procedure. An EAI Java step enables you to design an iProcess procedure so that you can call out to a custom Java object to perform some additional work. For example, you can create a custom Java object to call business methods in
Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), call a database via a JDBC connection, or post a message on a Java Message Service (JMS) queue.
• TIBCO iProcess BusinessWorks Server Plug-in - This plug-in provides a way of initiating a BusinessWorks process from the TIBCO iProcess Engine. It provides the communication mechanism that allows the iProcess Engine to make calls to TIBCO BusinessWorks. Enabling the iProcess Engine to integrate with BusinessWorks provides a very much performant and versatile way of integrating with extra applications and technologies.
• TIBCO BusinessWorks iProcess Plug-in - This plug-in provides a set of resources that allow a TIBCO BusinessWorks process to communicate with the TIBCO iProcess Engine. For example, a BusinessWorks process can start or swing a case of an iProcess Engine procedure. The BusinessWorks iProcess Plug-in includes facilities that enable you to create a form using TIBCO
BusinessWorks Form designer, and then provide it to the iProcess Workspace (Browser).
• TIBCO iProcess performer Server Plug-ins - These consist of the following
         — TIBCO iProcess Conductor Order Server Plug-in - This plug-in provides an interface that notifies the TIBCO iProcess Conductor of the status of the order. It also enables you to inform to arrange data from the TIBCO iProcess performer in the TIBCO iProcess Engine and vice versa.
        — TIBCO iProcess Conductor Orchestration Server Plug-in – This plug-in provides the communication mechanism that allows the iProcess performer to pass iProcess data to the TIBCO iProcess performer and for the TIBCO iProcess Conductor to process the data Before distribution the resulting data back to the TIBCO iProcess Engine.
• TIBCO iProcess Conductor XML Transform Server Plug-in - This plug-in provides the facility to transform XML to/from iProcess field data and/or a designated URL. For example, an EAI Transform step could be used to take XML data from an iProcess memo field, apply a alteration to the data, and pass the result to another memo field. Equally, XML data can be parsed and mapped onto discrete iProcess fields.
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