TIBCO iProcess Web Services Plug-in

The main function of the iProcess Web Services Plug-in is to provide an interface for both inbound and outbound communication between the iProcess Engine and external applications:
• Outbound - iProcess events make calls to external applications to act upon some operation.
• Inbound - External applications make calls to iProcess to act upon operations such as starting cases, triggering events or suspending cases. The iProcess Web Services Plug-in consists of three components:
web services Plug-in

• TIBCO iProcess Web Services Server Plug-in.
This consists of:
     — Jetty - This is a Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container that runs on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the components contained in Jetty handle communication for both inbound and outbound calls.
     — iProcess Engine Interface - This consists of an EAI Plug-in. It allows the iProcess background processes to communicate with Jetty.
• TIBCO iProcess Web Services Client Plug-in
These plug-in needs to be installed on your client machine that hosts your iProcess Workspace (Windows) and iProcess Modeler. This plug-in enables you to identify EAI Web Service steps in your iProcess procedures.
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